HND Gas Engine on the basis of the licensed technology from MWM Company (Germany) , started produced MWM 234 series diesel engines which type V6, V8 and V12, MWM604BL6 series diesel engines and TBD620 series V8, V12 and V16 diesel engines. In 2007,HND obtained the license of manufacturing L16/24 and L21/31 engines from MAN B&W Co., and start mass production in 2008. At present, diesel engine power range from 110kW to 2336kW.
In 2005, HND company researched and developed gas engines with its own intellectual property which technology on the basis of the MWM TBD620 diesel engine. Now which products contain CHG620L6, CHG620V8, CHG620V12,CHG620V16 and CHG622V20, 5 series gas engines, gas engines power range from 550kW to 2000kW and gas generator power range from 500kW to 1850kW.

Warranty : 8000 hours
Working hours for per year: 7200 hours.
First major overhaul:65000 hours,
Product design life : 20 years

HND Gas Engine/ Generator
It will be the best quality high-power gas engines & generators (500kW-2MW gas engines & generators ) in China. Almost all the major biggest gas project in China which made by HND company. Now we also bidding for Global Projects and has a share in the energy industry.